iMSB Release 3.0

For iMSB release 3.0 we developed a brand new serial data transmission module based on the Bluetooth Smart, also known as Bluetooth 4.0, technology. Compared to the actual WiFi based module Bluetooth Smart offers several great advantages. Less power consumption so that your transmitter battery will last longer, no blocking of the WLAN that prevents accessing simultaneously the internet and above all using the new iMSB Bluetooth data module is extremely simplified. Just plug it into the transmitter data port, select the module in the iMSB application settings (or let iMSB choose it automatically for you) and hit the start button to begin your flight session. No additional or clumsy configurations are necessary. Users that do not wish to upgrade can however still use the older WiFi module, that is of course still supported with this new version. For more information and ordering, please refer to the iMSB web site. 

In addition a lot of engineering has been done on a new data model, such as all your model definitions and log data can now be stored on the iCloud. Thus sharing data between different iOS devices is now seamlessly possible. Note that your existing model definitions and log files will be automatically converted into the new data format. 

The custom display layout editor, a feature that has been available since a long time on the iPad, has finally also been added to the iPhone version. Among the predefined screen layouts it is now possible to generate your own setups and store them for later use.


  • New Bluetooth Smart based hardware transmission module. Please refer to the hardware section for further information
  • Model definitions and log data can be stored on the iCloud for use on different devices
  • The custom display layout editor is now also available on the iPhone version
  • Support for the new MPX GPS v.2 sensor
  • Added elongation (model direction relative to viewer orientation) value to all GPS sensors
  • Added a new elongation meter, as well as the according voice command


  • Improved user interface design
  • On the iPad version, the square vu-meters are now also available
  • Architectural changes to the data model, for better efficiency

Bug fixes:

  • Various minor bug fixes

 Thomas Styger, iMSB   © 2012