iMSB Release 3.1

Release 3.1 brings some drastic speech recognition improvements for the german and french versions of the application. In the french version speech recognition is now fully supported in the native app language. Thus the same voice commands as for the other languages can now be used natively. For a full set of available voice commands please refer to the respective reference. In the german version speech recognition robustness has been dramatically improved. Additionally the full set of recognition features that are available in the english version are now also available in german. Please also check the voice command reference for changes to previous version.


  • Alarm and notification sounds can be individually customised for each value and event type. A set of new system sounds were added to the application
  • The real time and file recording rate can now be adjusted between 1x, 2x and 4x per second, such as to increase value accuracy
  • Speech recognition is now also available in the french version of the application. French voice commands are described in the voice reference of the application settings


  • Improved german speech recognition. Speech recognition in german is now much more robust than it previously was
  • Improved graphics framework

Bug fixes:

  • In certain situations saving a model could crash the application
  • Smoother display of sensor values in the corresponding views
  • General bug fixes

 Thomas Styger, iMSB   © 2012