iMSB Release 2.7

We are glad to announce that iMSB release 2.7 is now also available in french. This version supports the same features as does the original english version. However we were unfortunately not able to adapt the voice recognition engine, therefore voice commands are not available in french. As a workaround you may still use the english commands. Please note that models generated with prior versions of the application will not be translated automatically into french.

One great feature that has also been added to the app is the possibility to export flight data over iCould Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox to your PC or Mac. Flight log data may be exported in the LogView Open Format Zero for detailed analysis in LogView Studio. As a standard csv data file it may also be used by any other application supporting this format. Flight tracks can also be exported in the kmz format for 3D visualisation or even playback in Google Earth. Finally we also reconstructed standard NMEA GPS sentences that can be used in you favourite mapping application


  • French version of the application. Please note that french voice commands are not yet supported
  • The geocoded location of a recorded flight is now displayed, together with the date and duration, in the log view
  • Added the possibility to edit flight location information
  • Added provision to display and announce GPS coordinates in the UTM and Swiss (CH1903) map grids. The coordinate system preferences can be configured in the application settings
  • Possibility to export flight log data over iCloud Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive in the following formats:
    • LogView Open Format Zero (csv) for visualisation in LogView Studio
    • kmz flight track for 3D visualisation in Google Earth
    • Reconstructed NMEA data supporting GPRMC, GPVTG, GPGLL, GPGGA sentences


  • Completely rewritten Wstech LinkVario sensor structure. The GPS module is now integrated into the sensor where it can be enabled or disabled
  • Added support for the new Wstech LinkVario M-Link sensor (firmware version 1.0)
  • Added a calculated height change sensor value, based on the LinkVario integral vario data
  • SM Modellbau’s GPS Logger II is now also supported
  • All SM Modellbau sensors support the measured height change value. In addition an integral vario value has been added to these sensors
  • Optional sensors in Wstech LinkVario oder SM Modellbau sensors can now be disabled en bloc and not value by value
  • Added a new integral vario announcement and voice command
  • In a model associated to a flight log all disabled sensor values are now hidden by default. They may be shown on request
  • Updated sensor help files

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the value allocation of the original Wstech LinkVario where optional values could not be disabled or reenabled
  • On the iPad version some UI buttons were no more working as expected. These problems have been fixed now
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

 Thomas Styger, iMSB   © 2012