iMSB BT Smart for HoTT


Bluetooth Smart data module for Graupner HoTT

ble hott std

Standard protocol version

Connect to transmitter data port
Suitable for all HoTT transmitters

 € 65.00 (+ shipping)

ble hott mc

Fast protocol (115 kbit/s) version

Internal blutooth port
Suitable for mc series transmitters

 € 69.00 (+ shipping)


The iMSB Smart data modules for Graupner HoTT are compatible with Graupner HoTT 2.4 GHz transmitter systemsare. They are availble in two flavors.

The standard protocol version is suitable for all HoTT transmitters equipped with a data port. Transmitters from the mx, mc and mz range equipped with Graupner HoTT v.4 HF modules are suitable by this module. It supports the standard 19.2 kbit/s HoTT telemetry protocol. The module is provided with a JR plug that needs to be connected to the data port. 

The fast protocol version supports the 115 kbit/s HoTT telemetry protocol that is currently only available for the mc-16/20/26/28 series transmitters. Support for the new mc-32 will be granted in the future.

Standard protocol version

The iMSB HoTT Bluetooth module must be conected to the Telemetry data port of the transmitter's HF module. This port ist normally identified as the “DATA” socket on your transmitter. Please refer to the user manual of your radio to properly locate this port on your device


Additionnally, in the general radio settings of your transmitter, you need to configure the data port to provide “BLUETOOTH” signal (not Telemetry). It is important that you perform this configuration for your BT smart module to operate correctly

Graupner Settings

Fast protocol version (mc series transmitters only)

The module must be installed in the bluetooth expansion port located in the upper right of your mc transmitter.

Note that this module is based on the BT 4.0 technology and is not a 1:1 replacement of the Graupner Bluetooth 2.1 device as it does not support audio or data exchange.

ble installation mc2

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