iMSB BT Smart for FrSky (XJT)


Bluetooth Smart data module for FrSky S.Port

ble frsky stdd

Serial port version
JST PH plug

 € 65.00 (+ shipping)

ble frsky baye

Module extension bay version

 € 68.00 (+ shipping)


This iMSB FrSky Bluetooth Smart data module is compatible with FrSky OpenTX enabled 2.4 GHz transmitter systems, such as the Taranis X9D and X9E, Horus X7, X10 and X12.

Please note that iMSB FrSky only supports the S.Port telemetry protocol. Therefore your transmitter must be equipped with an X series transmitter module (XJT/iXJT) and can only be operated with receivers of the same serie.

The iMSB FrSky Blutooth module must be either connected to transmitter serial port (connector provided) or to the pin header in the RF module extension bay.

Please note that this BT device is only compatible with XJT/iXJT based transmittersIf you own an ACCESS (ISRM) transmitter please refer to this page.

Connecting to transmitter serial port

Connect the Bluetooth module into the serial port connector located in the Taranis X9D battery bay (see picture). On the Taranis X9E the serial port can be found on the P12 header located inside the radio at the left of the battery. 


Additionnally you need to configure the serial port to mirror, i.e. output the S.Port data. In the transmitter settings of your radio go to the “Hardware” menu and in the “Serial port” item select "S-Port Mirror".


Connecting to module extension bay

Alternatively the Blutooth device can also be connected to external module port at pins 3 (Vin), 4 (GND) and 5 (S.port, /RX), as shown on the picture below.

Taranis Module Bay

Or directly connect the iMSB Smart module expansion bay version.

frsky bay modb

In order to output usable telemery data you need to activate the external HF module in your radio’s settings.

FrSky extmodi

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