iMSB Release 3.2

It happens often that we don’t remember which sensors were installed in a model and which basic configuration they actually have. In such cases configuring a model in iMSB can be a tedious and frustrating task. In order to help you troubleshoot your setup we added a sensor value scanner feature. The sensor value scanner scans all your sensors and values and lists them for you. Simply go into the “Application settings” and with your RC transmitter switched on select the “Sensor & value scanner” option.

Improvements have also been done to the transmitter events. Transmitter events are triggers that allow to execute various tasks you may specify, such as announcing an individual value or a value list, controlling application navigation or switching the vario sound player on and off. Such triggers can now additionally be issued via external switches. If you own an iMSB BT Smart data module you can connect up to eight switches to the module’s GPIO ports. For a detailed description to setup the required configuration please refer to the iMSB web site.

Additionally transmitter tasks are now also available for flight logs. All events and tasks you define in a model are copied over into the log file, where they can be used during playback. There are however some obvious limitations to this. All events that are linked to the real transmitter cannot be used in log files, such as some adaptations might be necessary to your setup. Note also that per default all tasks are disabled in a log file and need to be reenabled manually.


  • Added a sensor value scanner allowing to scan for available sensors and displaying their configuration
  • Added the possibility to connect up to eight switches to the iMSB module GPIO ports in order to control transmitter tasks. This feature is only available to the iMSB BT Smart devices.
  • Transmitter tasks and events are now also available to recorded log files. Note however that they are all disabled per default
  • iMSB for FrSky:
    Added support for SM Modellbau Unilog 2 sensor, that is available for Frsky systems since firmware 1.12
  • iMSB for M-Link, iMSB for HoTT:  
    Added support for Wmin value for the SM Modellbau Unilog 2 sensor (available with firmware 1.12)


  • Added a unique timer trigger in the transmitter events
  • In the transmitter tasks added warning messages in case of ill constrained or inconsistent trigger and state events
  • iOS 10 specific adaptations

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected a few bugs in the transmitter events, where some events in certain configurations were not executed correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the LogView file export generator, that for some values made LogView Info not to load the file
  • Fixed a bug in the flight statistics display that were not updated upon consecutive log sessions
  • The voice command for displaying the menu view was not recognized in the english version of the app
  • Minor bug fixes

 Thomas Styger, iMSB   © 2012