iMSB Release 3.3


A really user friendly model finder that allows to easily find lost models is one feature iMSB was desperately missing until now. The last model location, once a logging session is ended, can now be retrieved and displayed along your current position on a map. It also gives you directions to follow to get to your model. The model finder can be accessed in your model's flight log. Please consider that this functionality is only available for new recordings.

Bug fixes: 

  • The use of Bluetooth headsets was broken since some time. This has been fixed and these headsets should be able to work properly again
  • Fixed an issue with the vario player that was not muted when flight log playback was paused or the speed not nominal
  •  Various bug fixes
  •  iMSB for M-Link, iMSB for FrSky:  
    The allocation of a generic sensor could under some circumstances crash the application
  •  iMSB for HoTT:  
    Corrected a bug in the sensor value scanner that crashed the application when acquiring the HoTT GPS sensor

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