iMSB Release 3.7

With iMSB release 3.7 we are glad to introduce support for GPS triangle racing. A GPS triangle is setup as a global map overlay that can then be reused in each of your models. The standard classes such as scale/SLS and Sport class are supported. In addition a free class is available that allows to fully customize triangle size and parameters. The existing OLC sensor, that is now available for all GPS sensors, has also been extended to support GPS triangle racing. When the OLC sensor is activated, you first need to select if you want to fly an FAI or GPS triangle task, as well as select the desired triangle. You may then specify task parameters and customize the different values. GPS triangle task results are written to the recorded flight log and can be accessed from there. Detailed tasks statistics are also available in the flight statistics section. 

Please note that iMSB is not currently homologated for official GPS triangle racing and is still in an experimental stage.

iMSB for HoTT:

The iMSB for HoTT application adds the possibility for waypoint programming on Graupner flight controllers and copters supporting this function. Waypoint programming is performed via a dedicated sensor (GPS Waypoints) that needs to be allocated in the model. On the displayed map you can then graphically add and edit commands and actions in order to define your flight track. The flight track can be directly uploaded to the flight controller (requires new generation iMSB BT module with firmware 2.1 or higher), as well as exported to a file. 


  • iMSB now supports GPS triangle racing and GPS triangle overlay
  • Added GPS triangle racing support to the existing OLC sensor
  • GPS and FAI triangle are now available to all GPS sensors
  • iMSB for FrSky:
    • Added FrSky Gas Suite sensor
    • Added Redundancy Bus sensor
    • Added FrSky ESC sensor
    • Added BetaFlight sensor (requires iMSB BT module firmware 1.4 or 2.2)
  • iMSB for HoTT:
    • Added support for waypoint programming via a dedicated sensor. Flight tracks can be uploaded to a Graupner flight controller or copter (requires new iMSB BT module with firmware 2.1 or higher)


  • Exported Google Earth, LogView and NMEA data files can now be stored in the iCloud iMSB folder
  • Screen layout was updated and enhanced to support the new iPad Pro
  • Various UI improvements and fixes
  • Development of new generation iMSB BT Smart module range

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed several bugs in the iMSB Lua sensor library
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

 Thomas Styger, iMSB   © 2012