iMSB Release 3.4


The supported sensor base just got bigger in the current iMSB release. We are glad to announce that we introduced the Vspeak vario to the list of available sensors. In addition to the height measurement, the vario also has a 3-axis accelerometer and a single cell monitoring. All Vspeak vario values from the sensor are available for logging, along some additional calculated values.

In iMSB release 3.4 you may now use map shapes for annotating specific zones on the map view. A map overlay is a polyline, polygon or ellipse shape that can be associated to your map, such as simple map shapes, forbidden flight zones and FAI triangles. Map overlays are application wide feature objects that can be reused by all your models. Map shapes can easily be created and edited with the visual overlay editor.

Additionally, to help you fly your FAI triangle we defined a new virtual sensor that is be used in conjunction with such a triangle. The OLC contest sensor has been added to every GPS sensor and provides calculated values and statistics, such as number of laps flown, the actual waypoint headed to, the remaining distance to the next waypoint or to the goal, the speed when the start circle was left, etc.

A detailed introduction to map overlays, editing and usage, as well as configuration for using with the OLC sensor can be found in the news section of the iMSB web site.


  •  iMSB for M-Link,  iMSB for HoTT:
     Added support for Vspeak vario and Vspeak Vario pro to the list of available sensors
  • Various simple shape, flight exclusion zone and FAI triangle map overlays can be added to the map view
  • A map overlay editor allows to graphically edit your map overlays, as well as fine tuning their graphical appearance
  • Added a search functionality to the map overlay editor to easily find locations and shapes
  • Added the possibility to customize flight exclusion zone alarms and FAI triangle flight notifications
  • Added an OLC virtual sensor to each available GPS sensor, to assist in flying FAI triangles
  • Updated the flight statistics screen to cope with the new OLC sensor values. Added statistics data for each lap flown in an FAI triangle 


  • Visual improvements to the map view and icons
  • The display field layout on the map view is no more static. Additional display fields can now be added to the view and freely configured
  • Added a GPS coordinate display field that can now be added to each view
  • The color and line width of the GPS track trace on the map view can now be configured in the application settings
  • Added voice commands to cope with new OLC sensor values
  • Some graphical adaptations made to the model finder

 Thomas Styger, iMSB   © 2012